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Just noticed the implication too that if the …

Comment posted on Angus Council just voted 15-14 in favour of secret hearing of proposal to take Education Secretary to Judicial Review by Angus Parent

Just noticed the implication too that if the Minister’s decision is not overturned then, as far as he is concerned, it will be because “the officers have erred”. Nothing to do with him, then.

“If the officers have erred, which I do not believe they have, then we will deal with that. If not, then the Minister’s decision will be overturned.”

Angus Parent also commented

  • Best Beaten
  • How soon is something like this likely to be heard? And what if there’s a change of administration ahead of that?

    In other words, once they’ve formally started the process with the court, can the Council change its mind?

  • From

    The council can confirm that elected members voted, 16 votes to 13, in favour of commencing judicial review proceedings in the Court of Session to challenge the legality of the decision of the Scottish Ministers to refuse to consent to the closure of Muirfield and Timmergreens Primary Schools in Arbroath.

  • “If people believe in true scrutiny” !!!!!!!!

    The audacity of the man!

  • Peter Nield is (again) reported today in the Arbroath Herald as having said …

    “No one in Angus Council questions officers and strongly scrutinises them more than I do” (

    That’s in stark contrast to what he wrote to me having (not) looked into my very serious complaint and discussed it with Neil Logue that, “we as as councillors must rely on the advice and work of our officers”.

    I think that the Arbroath schools fiasco is in such a mess because exactly the same incompetent crew are steering it as who I had to deal with.

    I won’t put the link in because it’s a different matter. But if you want to read more about what he wrote to me just google “peter nield is reported to have said”.

    I think it is relevant to this discussion but only because it’s the same people running the show with the same disregard to reality.

Recent comments by Angus Parent

  • Successful Schools campaigner, Ewan Smith, elected in Angus
    My understanding was that the judicial review was on the point of the legality of the govt decision and whether they exceeded their power and nothing to do with any claim that Ewan might have got any facts that he presented wrong.

    The court time so far will have to be paid for by the council tax paying public, as those who decided not to await the result of these elections before forging ahead knew would be the case.

    If the new administration pulls out of the case then at least the cost will be a lot lower than seeing it through to the end only to be told that the government did not exceed its power.

  • Successful Schools campaigner, Ewan Smith, elected in Angus
    Congratulations Ewan!
    Now, how about a parent as convener of the Education Committee now that Mr Nield is no longer qualified to do the job?
  • Muirfield: a victory for right
    The upcoming council meeting will not be open to the public, according to The Courier:

  • Muirfield: a victory for right
    Re The Courier being unavailable in Argyll…

    I’ve started a “news timeline” of all this on my blog and updated it to include links to the latest Courier articles and also the wonderfully timed John O’Groat Journal article which quotes Highland Council as saying that Angus’s Arbroath schools project document presents “a model template of good practice” (their quotation marks, not mine).

    I think I’ve got all the relevant Courier articles starting with “Arbroath school consultation is overshadowed by row over ‘railroaded’ report” from February a year ago.

    Probably best if I don’t link to the blog here, but if you google the post title it’s about the only thing you’ll see:

    News Timeline of Muirfield and Timmergreens Primary Schools Closures Debacle

  • Muirfield: a victory for right
    From the Angus Council website:

    “A report setting the options now available to the council will be submitted to the full meeting of Angus Council at 11am on Thursday 9 February.”


    Don’t know if this is something that is open to the public or not, but if it is, it might be worth attending.

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