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I was at the meeting and quite frankly …

Comment posted Angus Council just voted 15-14 in favour of secret hearing of proposal to take Education Secretary to Judicial Review by Tamarto.

I was at the meeting and quite frankly disgusted by what apparently paases for democracy, it saddens me to think that some have come far from the serving of the people road and are well along the self serving road instead.

Really i wouldn’t mind so much but it is our money they want to play with!

Tamarto also commented

  • Not only did they want a secret meeting it seems they want to keep the results secret too, do we the public really come this low down the chain for recieving information?
  • I don’t know why i’m surprised at the decision after all Peter Neild/Nield/Nailed told us that was what would happen ages ago, seems his crystal ball does occasionally work…
  • My way or the highway seems to be their motto anyway

Recent comments by Tamarto

  • ARSN statement on school meals issue
    What is wrong with giving them healthy options to choose between? Why does the choice have to be healthy or unhealthy?
  • School Meals saga: Council distorts facts and blocks Martha’s blog
    I don’t find it strange that a nine year old has a blog, nor do i find it strange that they have a camera in school. I do find it strange that someone who puts the responsibility of their health onto a child thinking that same child is too young to have an opinion.
  • School Meals saga: Council distorts facts and blocks Martha’s blog
    I want to go to that school for lunch tomorrow. 😀
  • Lochgilphead primary pupil’s internet exposure of poor school meals goes viral
    Nice! Lets blame the 9 year old, words fail me.
    It’s also all very well to talk of national standards and guidelines but when kids are left hungry surely they need to be looking at those again? None of my children are overweight but they do have healthy appetites, fairly often wont go for a choice they like because they know they’ll be hungry after it, when paying the amount i do for a dinner (£1.85) the least is expect is for my kids to not be left hungry.
    Leaving children as young as 5 to make informed choices about their lunch is as daft as allowing them to choose whether or not they do any work at school, they don’t do that so….
    Preaching about healthy lunches is great but when they are russling up chips when the other option has run out isn’t exactly healthy. :/
    When i phoned to have a discussion with the suppliers, the attitude i got was shocking, very abrubt and practically accusing me of lying.
    I have bigger fish to fry in regards to the school so i dropped it, i may send the kids in with a camera though. 😉
  • Successful Schools campaigner, Ewan Smith, elected in Angus
    Sour grapes much? 😉

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