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Certainly not alone in what you say. Free …

Comment posted Devo Plus: enter the Trojan Horse by Scruff.

Certainly not alone in what you say. Free prescriptions and free university places are a good vote winner but why should someone with £500k in the bank get free prescriptions. Why should someone with parents who earn £100k pa get free university education.
Would possibly disagree with your view on free personal care though, mainly because the people who are currently recieving it suffered for us in the past.

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  • Treble T – All genuine football fans, of all persuasions, should be concerned with what’s happening at Rangers. Only the usual crowd of idiots, that can’t see past their own colours, would fail to see what impact this may have on Scottish football and the Scottish economy.
    Yes, Whyte acquired Rangers under dodgy circumstances, but the more serious implications go back a lot further than Whyte. Do you seriously think it was only Rangers that were trying to screw HMRC by providing players with so called ‘tax exempt’ incentives?

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