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Crazy, no I didn’t intend to … but …

Comment posted Devo Plus: enter the Trojan Horse by Simon.

Crazy, no I didn’t intend to … but now that you mention it…

You going with the rest of the usuual suspects?

Simon also commented

  • For the avoidance of doubt – you wear the pink carnation…..
  • How would I recognise you? Pink carnation too obvious…… 😉
  • “Will Russell be at the schools meeting in Lochgilphead next week” if he is can somebody ask why he shut Robslee and Hillhead???

    Morag – alas the use of “unedifying” was not originally from me “The Scottish Football Association has opened an inquiry into the “unedifying” events at Rangers after the league champions were forced to enter bankruptcy protection” 🙂

  • Quite right Crazy (well apart from the Brad Pitt thingy….)

    What do you make of Salmond sooking up to Murdoch??

  • Rangers unedifying collapse into administration is an embarrassment for them and their supporters. Thhe rapidity with which Alex the ‘Fat Controller’ Salmond lept into defend this “insititution” was matched only by the speed with which he retreated from this position once the extent of their non-payment of taxes and the many millions of pounds they now owe other football clubs became known.
    The Fat Controller – he who buddied-up to that idiot Donald Trump is now sooking-up for all he’s worth to the odious reptile Rupert Murdoch.
    Actually, I’m in a quandry; I don’t which is the more undefying right now Rangers or Salmond.

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