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“On top of this we can also expect …

Comment posted Karl Hughes: impacts of the proposed Tiree Array and divorce from the natural world by Erik the Viking.

“On top of this we can also expect a substantial reduction in windspeeds on Tiree of possibly as much as 20%”

Clearly an emotional piece but where’s the direct link to this paper you refer to – it would be nice to read the findings objectively.

Erik the Viking also commented

  • “Educate myself” – It’s not me that needs educating – perhaps you should tell the GNDs that inhabit Argyll freshwater lochs/lochans they’re not supposed to be there according to your RSPB link.
    “Rock flower” – I’m guessing that’s a typo not some alpine plant? Having spent a considerable amount of time working in the Skerryvore area I am more aware than most of the conditions likely to be encountered. I would suggest that any ‘rock flour’ or sediment caused by drilling in such an environment would dissapate very quickly. Aren’t the sandy beaches of Tiree made from the same stuff – that doesn’t seem to be a problem?
  • I would beg to differ – what you’re saying is purely speculation. The leg/s of a turbine would blend in perfectly as steep artifical reefs in an area with so many natural peaks . You quote ‘ incredibly fast tides’ and ‘huge swells’ in one statement and then worry about sediment deposition in another? A bit of a contradiction surely? Where do you anticipate this ‘sediment’ coming from? The construction process? As for GNDs – they seem to do fine up in the some remote hill lochans on the Argyll mainland within a stones throw of wind farms.
    You want to back your arguments up with some real science otherwise you put yourself in danger of being perceived as just another whinging Nimby.
  • Interesting piece’Fish thriving around wind farms’

    Surely good news for the Great Northern Diver then?

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