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Tesco’s prices are normally about the same as …

Comment posted Revised plans announced for new Kintyre creamery by Treblet.

Tesco’s prices are normally about the same as ASDA sometimes cheaper for some items and slightly dearer for others. However on a weekly shopping trip Tesco and ASDA are certainly cheaper than every other major supermarket chain such as Morrisons, Sainsbury and the Co-op.
You cannot include Lidl’s or Aldi as you would be hard pressed to do a weekly shop in one visit to either Lidl or Aldi.
I am a member of Kantar World Panel (also known as National Shopping Monitor) and I scan my shopping. Therefore I know all about the prices in supermarkets.

Treblet also commented

  • Some of the Fair Trade products I have purchased in the Co-op are dreadful. I have had Co-op Fair Trade wine which tasted like vinegar and Co-op Fair Trade chocolate which is not nearly as good as Cadbury’s.
    Tesco and ASDA will not open new supermarkets in a town unless it has a large population. The only reason that there is a Morrison’s in Fort William is because Morrison’s fell heir to it when they bought Safeways.
  • Morag.
    If the people in Kintyre do not like Tesco then that is their choice. They will certainly notice that they will pay a lot more for their shopping if they start using the Co-op in Campbeltown instead of Tesco.
  • Robert.
    You obviously do not like Tesco.
    Where I live I would be delighted if Tesco decided to open up in competition with the Co-op. It would certainly make the Co-op reduce their prices and join the real world.
  • Robert.
    Supermarkets like Tesco are keen to take over post office’s as they hope people collecting their pensions and other benefits will then spend their money in their supermarket.
    Tesco are still doing well when their main competitor is the Co-op.
  • I would not be surprised if Tesco pull out of Campbeltown and sell their exsisting store to Lidl. The only reason that Tesco have supermarkets in Oban and Campbeltown is because they fell heir to them when they bought William Low’s.

Recent comments by Treblet

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    In my opinion Jeremy Corbyn has lost the plot.
    He appoints fire raiser Lord Mike Watson who was jailed for 16 months as a result of setting the curtains on fire at Prestonfield House as his Education Minister in the House of Lords and a vegan as his shadow Agricultural Minister at Westminster.
    It looks like the lunatics have taken over the asylum.
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    When the Labour Party lose a few by-elections or the General Election in 2020 then the penny will drop and Jeremy Corbyn will be ousted as Leader of the Labour Party.
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    It would be interesting to know how many social housing houses throughout Scotland are currently lying empty and not in use.
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    Hugh Jazz.
    You are a typical Yes supporter. You love to dish it out but are unable/unwilling to accept another person’s point of view if it does not agree with your narrow twisted views.
    My post about Jennifer Dempsie is totally correct and if you cannot accept it then too bad.
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