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After the dirty deed done to Firstmilk,I expect …

Comment posted Revised plans announced for new Kintyre creamery by morag.

After the dirty deed done to Firstmilk,I expect there will be many in Kintyre that do not like Tesco!

morag also commented

  • Hughie I heartily agree. Shopping in the Co-op is more than a price issue. I have also noticed an increase in shoppers at Campbeltown Co-op in the last few years,so cost is obviously not the main consideration.

    And don’t forget that we get, as share holders,some decent benefits back.I would love to see the Co-op expand in the town….Arrans Co-op is much larger and gives better choice,perhaps that’s what we really should be asking for?

  • Believe me…What kintyre1 thinks is beyond all reason!!!
  • Fortunately,I have provided the facts and you have not.

    And how can anyone assasinate a character with no credence,in fact,no character at all!

    When you can deliver the goods…then I’ll be the first to acknowledge same…until then put up or shut up.

  • Most of the time I just shake my head at your crass statements.But,It has become really evident that you have some secret agenda to turn any positives in dairy farming into an abyss of innuedo,lies,misinformation and incomprehensible statements.

    There may be some truth to the premise that if enough muck is thrown,some will surely stick!

    Is that your purpose? Because I’m having trouble figuring your posts out.

    You are obviously a disgruntled farmer,but why such venom is directed to a hard working section of Kintyre,is mystifying.

    As with others,I would dearly like to hear your explanation……

    The floor is all yours!

  • ..”tankered into Kintyre everyday…”


    Just give me a few weeks and a calculator and …jeez get a grip!!!

    You know Nothing about milk production and I have told you that milk production levels are on a parr with many years ago.

    Are you claiming that Lidl aren’t allowed to sell premium products now?

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