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Kintyre1, I can only go by the article …

Comment posted Revised plans announced for new Kintyre creamery by john in kintyre.

I can only go by the article above and the press releases from both the Scottish Gov and First Milk, both of which state that the Goverment funding of £2m is subject to the benificiary, First Milk, meeting standard grant conditions.

To me it does not matter a great deal whether it is European Monies or not, as long as it is benificial to Kintyre farmers and the existing workforce in the Creamery.

It is excellent news for Campbeltown which sorely needs some inward investment.

Perhaps you have something against Dairy Farmers hence the sour grape whinging in your posts, I know it must be very difficult for someone of your political persuasion to even admit some good will come of this project especially if it is driven by the Scottish Goverment and a Farmer’s Co-operative.

On a different subject, where are the followers of the grumpy old men party going to put their “x” in the comming referendum?

john in kintyre also commented

  • Hughie, Please read my post again.
    I unlike kintyre1 fully understand and support the investment.
  • Standing on the side and having no knowledge of dairy farming, it seems to me kintyre1 is arguing that the £2m investment by the Scottish Gov and First Milk to secure 100 jobs in the plant, also it seems to be an important outlet for the Kintyre farms selling to the Creamery, is a no brainer and complete waste of taxpayers monies.

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  • Arran’s COAST comes out fighting prawn lobby attack on Marine Protected Areas
    Where does your link mention a 3 mile limit Steve, to me you seem to have a very serious grudge against scallop dredgers going by past posts, would you care to enlighten the forum to your problems with them or is it a classic case of the green eyed monster rearing its ugly head
  • Arran’s COAST comes out fighting prawn lobby attack on Marine Protected Areas
    Steve Barlow, take off the blinkers and smell the coffee, if the Clyde and West Coast mobile prawn trawlers are not fishing sustainably as you assert answer this,
    Why did the ICES scientists recommend to the EU Commission that Functional Unit 14 (Firth of Clyde and Sound of Jura) Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for Nephrops (prawns) be increased by 41% and the West of Scotland Area V1a be increased by 16% as the mobile prawn trawlers are fishing well within the STEFC Commission recommended Minimum Sustainable Yield?
  • Arran’s COAST comes out fighting prawn lobby attack on Marine Protected Areas
    What the general public do not realise in this debate about MPA’s if listening to the likes of COAST is that 99.9% of active West Coast Fishermen fully supported proportionate protection of sensitive and important marine habitats. They are still there and still will be despite the allegations of destruction by the anti commercial fishing Green Lobby.

    What has come to light in this debate is the incestuous board hopping relationship amongst the most vocal of the anti mobile fishing lobby here in our area.
    Community of Arran Seabed Trust (COAST), Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust (SIFT), Revive the Clyde, Scottish Creel Fishermen’s Federation (SCFF) all share or have shared seats on their respective boards and have all received major funding from one main source the London based Esmee Fairbairn Trust to press their case against the Fishing Industry of Argyll and West Coast.

    I am not an economist but fail to understand and find a business case for destroying locally based sustainable family owned businesses who employ a local workforce here in fragile rural communities in Argyll in the hope of hypothetical low paid part time seasonal jobs in the eco-tourism industry in the future.

  • On the Clyde Regulatory Zone
    Remember the headlines Arthur that there were only 100 cod left in the North Sea, and how the Green Lobby suppressed and did not report the amount of cod that were in the Bay of Fundy
  • On the Clyde Regulatory Zone
    The Nephrop(prawn) fishery in the Clyde is healthy and being fished sustainably below Maximum Sustainable Yield(MSY). In fact ICES recommended to the EU Commission to increase the Total Allowable Catch of Nephrops by 41% for the Clyde area but as the Total Catch is decided on a West Coast Area V1A basis the increase was held to 16%.
    If this Order is passed by the Scottish Government it will amount to the privatisation of the Fishery in the Clyde by handing management of it to a charity.

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