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Pot calling the Kettle black eh kintyre1? …

Comment posted Revised plans announced for new Kintyre creamery by Hughie.

Pot calling the Kettle black eh kintyre1? 🙂

The simple fact is Morag is correct. Milk production in Kintyre is at the same level as it was regardless of the number of dairies. Haven’t some farms actually been bought over and consolidated therefore falling under one dairy farm now?

Sales of farms are like property on the whole Kintyre1 and if you haven’t noticed there is a recession on! Granted the milk prices could, and should, be better but that is another argument.

This is really a positive story so stop being so negative about everything on here.

As for Lidl, how dare they purchase a bulk production of cheese and sell it how they please! How dare they! 😉

Hughie also commented

  • John, apologies if I mis-read your post. Easily done if you read it again yourself. It’s not transparent to me that is what you meant. But thanks for clarifying that! 🙂
  • I’m afraid John you are make no more sense than Kintyre1 is!! If it is an important outlet, secures the security of the creamery and its workforce and local dairies then its hardly a waste of taxpayers money given some of the white elephants we have in Kintyre over the years!
  • And your point is? Nope I can’t explain and quite frankly I don’t care. Perhaps they need more milk? Perhaps secuirty of the creamery will encourage local dairy farms to increase their herds?

    On the basis of the creamery being secured surely this is good news? (whatever the other issues may be?)

Recent comments by Hughie

  • Third sector consultation on future of Campbeltown Town Hall
    Perhaps not elsewhere in all cases but when I think of “Town Hall, Victoria Hall, new Library/pool, Museum and the Community Centre” and more so the Victoria Hall none of these provide a true, modern facility that fits the needs of a 21st century community. The Town Hall, Victoria Hall, Museum and Community Centre are a jumble of buildings all trying to survive yet the Victoria Hall for example isn’t a sports hall or a music/concert venue but that is what we have to use. The facilities are dragonian. Whilst the Aqualibrium has certainly created a hub for the centre of the town it was the biggest wasted opportunity the Council and Campbeltown had to provide the facilities needed. £8 million pounds and NO indoors halls, squash courts, fitness studios, changing rooms for the fields outside etc

    So we have classes that should be held in the Aqualibrium held in the Victoria Hall and some in the Town Hall that all should be under the one roof of the Aqualibrium. Some things on at the Community Centre too with no cohesion and all these buildings costing our local government a quite small considerabl fortune yet not fit for purpose. That’s the reality. The town hall however, is an iconic building that should be the certain piece of the town and if restored correctly could be a focus for community events like coffee mornings, weddings etc

    Off topic but isn’t it about time the Council considered a Leisure Trust which will allow access to funding the Council cannot get and also exemption from rates? I wonder how much money that save in this time of cuts?

  • Landslide closes A83 at Rest and Be Thankful
    Surprised after slating the Traffic Scotland website yesterday that this site doesn’t even report the road is open again? Looking at the home page of For Argyll you would think the Rest is still closed and no update at the top of this article either……just saying…. 🙂
  • Campbeltown Picture House seat sponsorship drive launched at the seat of government
    Islay forever (really?), shouldn’t you leave that up to the good people of Campbeltown and South Kintyre first before spouting rubbish on here. It’s good, for a change, to see some MSPs money supporting local projects. I’m sure there will be lots of people who will support this. For example there are a huge number of ex-pats who remain passionate about all things Campbeltown and are never shy in supporting local projects. Then again, perhaps not, but lets give the initiative a chance first then, if it fails, you can take your swipes….
  • Campbeltown rumours about Wind Towers declared unfounded
    @ S.White – Where do you live when “it has happened far too often”? I travel the road to Glasgow three or four times a day every week and can count on one hand the number of times it has caused me to slow down and pull over and that is over a few years. In fact in recent weeks I’ve had to slow down to allow static caravans to be transported. But hey ho lets moan about them too. 🙂

    The pros and cons about wind turbines is another argument but you can rest assure the continued employment of hundreds of people in Kintyre is fundamental to our area. As Simon says “Have a nice day” 🙂

  • Campbeltown rumours about Wind Towers declared unfounded
    @Robert: Is that not the ones that cause the most congestion therefore travelling 3 miles by road to Campbeltown Harbour causes less problems elsewhere on the main roads?

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