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Morag can you explain why milk is being …

Comment posted Revised plans announced for new Kintyre creamery by kintyre1.

Morag can you explain why milk is being tankered into Kintyre everyday if as you claim there is as much milk as there was when there were 100 producers ?
Can you further tell us how many dairy cows there are in Kintyre now compared to a few years ago ,
and while you are about it tell us why Campbeltown cheese is being sold in Lidl supermarkets at a knock down price when it is claimed to be a premium product .

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  • Figures out this week show that the number of dairy farms +COWS is at an all time low in Scotland .
    4000 dairy cows in Kintyre & Gigha and falling , where not so long ago there were 6500 . FACTS .
  • I am interested to see John in Kintyre talk of a £2million pound investment by the Scottish Gov and First Milk . My understanding and no doubt john will correct me if I am mistaken , is that up to 2 million pounds of European grant funding to be delivered by the Scottish Government is available for this project which begs the question , how much are First Milk contributing ?
    My position on the Creamery is that I have serious doubts about it’s long term sustainability , with or without this investment and that I would prefer to see government take a more rounded view of development in Kintyre and agriculture in particular given that the present strategy is based on the Creamery and dairying only with grant funding poured into the milk sector and other farmers and their projects left with a few crumbs of support or none at all in many cases. In summary don’t put all your eggs in one shaky basket .
  • Hughie can you explain why milk is being tankered in to Campbeltown Creamery at huge cost ?
  • Unfortunately you have chosen to misrepresent the facts and instead turn to character assasination , how very sad .
  • If the number of producers is unimportant , why do the Scottish Government and First Milk put such emphasis on the number ? Could it be that they realise without a critical number of producers there is no infrastructure to support farmers eg vets ,feed merchants , dairy engineers etc

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