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CSB – “it could even be the BNP” …

Comment posted Cameron scores own goal in independence move by Robert Mac.

CSB – “it could even be the BNP” – please tell me you are saying that for effect, the BNP are scum.

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  • Candles in the wind set fire to Scottish Hydro
    Your post 17 above – “One thing I don’t think helps much is ranting abut the information provided by the hydro board. Their communication priorities are organising repairs, assisting the emergency services and ensuring provision for the sick and elderly”

    Make up your mind!

  • Candles in the wind set fire to Scottish Hydro
    Webcraft – thank you for the information on how to get a refund. Of course we can expect the ‘hydro’ to telephone all there vulnerable customers to advise them the same. Then again, surely if they have a list of vulnerable customers they should be able to give them an automatic refund, shouldn’t they? Do you think they will?
  • Candles in the wind set fire to Scottish Hydro
    Webcraft – When did I say we should have all the benefits at the same price?

    I am challenging your assertion that we should happily pay higher prices AND accept a lower level of service.

    When I go to the local petrol station I expect to pay a higher price for my fuel than they do in the city. I don’t expect it to be an inferior quality of fuel.

    When I go into the Spar I expect to pay slightly higher for a pint of milk, I don’t expect it to be watered down.

    Are you seriously suggesting that just because we live in Argyll it is okay for utility services to treat us as simple country bumpkins? Do we not deserve a bit more than that.

    And there you go again talking about ‘townies’, what city was I to go back too? For your information I was born and brought up in Argyll and I have also spent most of my life in Argyll. I did indeed live in a city about twenty years ago for roughly five months, does that now make me a ‘townie’? Were you born and brought up in Argyll?

  • Candles in the wind set fire to Scottish Hydro
    Webcraft – What is it that I can’t see?

    What I can see is the increasing basic costs of living being heaped disproportionately on rural Argyll. What I do see is an alarming increase in young families moving to the city simply because they can’t afford to live here anymore. What I do see is the increasing costs of utilities and living negatively affecting local businesses in Argyll.

    What I don’t see about your approach is how will it attract families to live in Argyll. How will it attract new businesses and industries if all we can offer them is higher costs and a lower level of service and so on.

    Is this also your view of how Argyll should expect to be treated in an independent Scotland, paying more to recieve less?

    By the way, don’t take up the tarot cards, your clairvoyant skills are rubbish, but please tell me, which city should I return too?

  • Candles in the wind set fire to Scottish Hydro
    Webcraft – So you are of the opinion that because we live in a rural setting we should happily accept higher tariffs for utilities accompanied by a lower level of service?

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