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As for the grafitti campaign that was mentioned …

Comment posted Cameron scores own goal in independence move by JimB.

As for the grafitti campaign that was mentioned by someonelse in one of the many threads on the referendum on this shambling site.

As for the activist – I am not revealing the name in the interests of the persons privacy.

Ask around re the Poll Tax campaign it is on record.

Take off your tartan glasses just for a minute – it is amazing what you can then see. If at the end of the day you chose to disbelieve me that is your problem, not mine. You will have revealed yourself as the fool not me as there are plenty of people here who could vouch for it.

Read Crazy,s last post again.

JimB also commented

  • It wasn’t all ploughed into infrastructure as such. The Labour goverment spent a lot of it on education and health. Just about every school building was replaced, those that weren’t were re-equiped. Language laboratories were introduced and lab technicians. Outdoor centrea were introduced and Teachers’ Centres for inservice training. Many new hospitals were also constructed. (This a brieif summmary of benefits you are more likely to have come across.)

    Then along came the Tory party and the Chancellor, Norman Lamont threw the rest away by bringing the top rate of tax down from 65% to 40% ostensibly so that the super rich would not have to continue getting massive annual increases. I have detected no reduction in this area but rather an acceleration.

    I think you have been looking in the wrong direction, Anne.

  • So it is oil revenues quel surprise. Funnily enough nobody seems to have mentioned these. Did you read the figures in the link you provided? They are running out and will not last for ever, also the reserves are more difficult and expensive to extract probably leaving less margin for the Scottish goverment to milk unless the cost to the public goes up.

    I cannot square the circle of being nothing if not generous to the less fortunate. When the more easily extracted supplies in the north sea were extracted from the 1960s the whole of the UK benefitted. To say to your fellow countrymen you’ve used up your oil, I have moved and we are keeping our oil to ourselves seems bizarre. I am quite happy with it being Britains oil and used for Britain’s benefit.

  • There was a lot of dubiety about the returned stone and its history. I was never convinced that it was the geuine article.

    Yes there are quite a few white settlerss in the SNP and as I recall it was realisation that the party was alienating potential members that led to the end of the campaign.

    I have no idea what motivates an English person to move to another country and then join a separation party. England must be a strange place indeed.

    I am not appologising for the Holocaust reference. Even if you are English and can be let off for not knowing the history of the SNP don’t you think that if one word was untrue the learned Doctor and his cohorts would have been down on top of me like a ton of Eisdale slate.

  • What sbout HBOS, headquarters in Edinburgh or so I am told.

    What is 10 billion between friends. Mind you there is another factor here and that would Scotland’s financial rating be. If it is not AAA then the 10 billion could effectively be 20 or 30 billion in terms of the interest we might have to pay on the debt.

  • I suppose you are going to deny that the SNP once had a campaign against English people living in Scotland who were referred to as “White Settlers”.

    Are you also going to deny that the Stone of Scone was stolen from Westminster Abbey by SNP activists, and that this priceless relic from Scottish history is effectively lost. (If separation oomes about then I forecast that the stone will miraculously reappear.)

    Two more examples of the murky past of the SNP which I am sure you will deny. You might want to make it a hattrick and deny the Holocaust while you are at it.

    Since these are all true some of you might begin to understaand why I would find it difficult to trust your party. I have been trying to get behind the tartan specs to see why you are all so sure seperation is best but I am left with the impression that antienglish xenophobia is the main factor as it has been in the party for decades if not forever.

    I suppose you are going to deny this too Alison. By the way it is time to read the next page in the activists handbook my dear, this asking for proof of things that are common knowledge is beginners stuff.

Recent comments by JimB

  • Time for Dunoon to take stock of its ferry services?
    Er the much despised Alli Cat is a catamaran!
  • Time for Dunoon to take stock of its ferry services?
    The big problem with hovercraft is NOISE!

    I remember the Gourock/Dunoon service of the 1960s – it was like living beside an airport.

    Most people come to Cowal for the peace and quiet and laid back lifestyle.

  • Time for Dunoon to take stock of its ferry services?
    I doubt if it would happen whatever party was in power for the reason I give above – the people of Dunoon deserted the service steadily over the years. Basicly I think the people of Dunoon/Cowal have nobody to blame for the ending of the car ferry service but themselves.
  • Time for Dunoon to take stock of its ferry services?
    To the above – you are wasting your time castigating FA for bias, that is their specialism.

    Re the ferries, on the face of it Dunoon does not need two car ferry services,what it needs is a reliable all weather service. This requires larger boats which could only be justified if they were carrying cars. If they were reasonably full, then the cars would subsidise the foot passengers.

    There is the rub. The reality is that the Calmac service was lost because vehicle drivers did not use it. (leaving aside the fact that we were lied to by candidates of two parties (SNP & Labour) and messed about by a third ( the Lib Dems).

    I am interested in why so many people abandoned what was a popular service until the 1990s. I am not convinced that frequency was the whole answer or even a major one, and nor was the 8-40p.m. last ferry as most people have returned by that time. What part did shore ticketing play or the surly unhelpful attitude of the crews, or the car registration number on the tickets? Anyone else have an opinion? Something drove people into the hands of Western.

    I write as someone who did use Calmac until near the end.

  • First Minister launches referendum consultation
    Lets not forget that there was a lot of negative voting in the last election so the referendum is not as cut and dried as it might appear to the Braveheart Brigade.

    Can Labour win back the trust of the populace in time? I don’t know but I hope it can.

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