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Steve – we don’t need any lessons from …

Comment posted Cameron scores own goal in independence move by Jock MacSporran.

Steve – we don’t need any lessons from the Welsh. When are you going to grow a spine and follow Scotland’s lead? You’ll want to soon enough after we’re independent.

Jock MacSporran also commented

  • Steve – my view is not heavily outnumbered here as was claimed. You are just making an even bigger fool of yourself. Come back and crow when five times as many have voted against me as for me. That’s twice I’ve told you that and ignoring it is the action of a child. And for the last time – even an idiot like you should be able to understand this – I am using my real name. You are therefore making defamatory statements against an identifiable individual that are actionable in a court of law.
  • Here’s my answer:

    You “grownups” can shove your insults where the sun don’t shine.

  • Ha ha. The pathetic old “we’re only winding you up” ploy! The last refuge of sore losers everywhere. Anyway, I thought you were in the huff, my old English bean?
    p.s. at least as many of the “folks” agree with me. And you still don’t have the guts to admit it.
    But you’re right. It might be better for you to button it. As you will have read above, the defamatory statements made about me on a forum where I am using my real name are actionable in a court of law. Not the sort of thing you want to gamble on.
  • It IS my real name! Which means all of your insults above were DEFAMATORY and subject to litigation if I so choose. So I think you better watch your mouth, don’t you?
    Smell the coffee: I’m winning 13/12 in the “like/dislike” race. So it appears I am liked. By the Scots on the forum at any rate. And you’re telling porkies again! Shame on you.
    Quite ridiculous stuff from your Westminster Tories. Two months ago they said it was okay for Scotland to hold a referendum – and today they are trying to say it’s illegal.
    They’d say the “moon’s a balloon” as long it meant they could keep their greedy hands on the wealth and resources of the Scottish nation.

    Oh dear! Looks like you’ve gone a bit quiet now! Made a blunder on the real name thing did you? Never mind, I will think of you when I’m spending the money you’ve paid me in court damages.

  • You don’t get it Steve. I didn’t say it wouldn’t be tight. I had my old pal “W.S.” trying to tell me that my viewpoint was well outnumbered “here”. Doesn’t look like it to me. When there are five times as many voting against me as for me come back on and try your dumb “you’re well outnumbered” bull, again. Who knows, maybe some idiots will fall for it?
    W.S. has now quit in the huff, which sort of speaks for itself. No matter how the number of votes ends up, it’s already clear there is substantial support for the viewpoint expressed in my post. So unfortunately your comment about “looking tight” is already looking a bit desperate. Since W.S. couldn’t summon the courage to admit he’s wrong, never mind apologise, maybe you should do it for him? Don’t fancy it, eh? Maybe a little bit of a quitter, like he is, hmmm?
    p.s. have you heard yet that we will be holding the referendum in 2014?
    The Scottish Government has told the Scottish people they will have a referendum in 2014. And you think “Flashman” Dave and his Lib-Dem pal “Tefal Heid” Moore are going to stop them doing that? Do tell, Steve, how on earth are they going to do that? I’m all ears.
    The day after Salmond humiliated “Flashman” Dave by luring him into a swamp he’s finished the job by shoving his face in it. They’re running around like chickens without heads, trying to decide what to do next. None of them saw it coming. I did warn you. They are out of their depth with this guy Salmond. Way, way out.
    When “Tefal Heid” was standing up in the Commons telling everybody how the Scots couldn’t have a referendum, Salmond was telling the entire world: “We can, and we will!” You have to hand it to Salmond, eh? He has a knack for symbolic timing. Talk about giving “two fingers” to Wesminster! Ha ha ha.

Recent comments by Jock MacSporran

  • New move from Westminster in the independence referendum game
    Did I forget to mention? Marr’s ears are a damned disgrace! He’s like a cross between Dumbo and Gollum.
    And a more obsequious, hand-wringing display of brown-nosing one could not imagine.
  • New move from Westminster in the independence referendum game
    Andy – no one is claiming it was something you didn’t know. It’s just such a breathtaking example of obsequious hand-wringing, even for the outrageously biased BBC, that as many people as possible should see it. The BBC is not just any old “media” company. They have a legal duty to be impartial. They have a “charter” which claims impartiality as their highest journalistic value. They are being paid out of the public purse. If they were paying for themselves through advertising I would have no complaint.
  • New move from Westminster in the independence referendum game
    Of course, Cameron trying to force Salmond to bring forward the date of the referendum, and trying to dictate the number and type of questions, that ISN’T “gerrymandering”, right?
    Do you people see everything through magic spectacles that make it look like anything “your lot” does is okay but anything “the other lot” do is not okay?
    Do you really think people are so stupid not to be able to see Cameron trying to rig the independence referendum, just as they rigged the devolution referendum in 1979?
    I’m serious – I’d really love to know! How on earth can people like you see things in such a blinkered and one-sided fashion? I know we’re all human, but the selective bias you’re displaying is in a different league entirely! It beggars belief!
  • New move from Westminster in the independence referendum game
    If you want to see a classic example of BBC “impartiality” watch this clip of Andrew Marr agreeing with everything David Cameron says about Scottish independence “(“yes, yes”) and then throwing in a couple of his own anti-independence arguments just for good measure! A stunning example of obsequious forelock-tugging to a unionist politician by an “impartial” BBC interviewer. Maybe if these two keep agreeing how “right” they are about everything they will finally convince each other their “no campaign” stands a chance of success?!
  • New move from Westminster in the independence referendum game
    We can only hope the BBC is right! Can’t wait to see Cameron’s face when Scots tell him where to shove his English referendum on Scotland’s future!

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