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Jock – did your mother abandon you at …

Comment posted Cameron scores own goal in independence move by Steve.

Jock – did your mother abandon you at birth and you were brought up by a cruel step aunt? Kernow Bys Vyken!

Steve also commented

  • 12 all at the top of the table Jock. It’s looking tight. A bit like the SPL! I bet you have got a view on that as well. Are you real or just a cartoon? Be honest now……I just keep feeling a bit sorry for you – fancy a hug from a Cornishman (Englisman)?
  • Bye Jock. Get a life whilst you are away. You ‘ll need a passport to get into Cornwall, England if you chose a new life there, but I’m sure they will welcome you!
  • Jock – it’s Cornish. Your knowledge of the celtic languages is a bit thin 😉 Or is that not a proper language cos it’s not yours? I think we could certainly give you a lesson in manners if not in how to achieve indpendence! As a proud Corishman who has lived in Scotland for longer than he ever lived in Cornwall, I look forward to exercising my right to determine the future of Scotland after an adult and reasoned debate. Not your infantile polarised drivel. You sure have issues. Would you accept a ‘Yes’ vote from me or have it discounted as toxic Cornish interference?

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