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Well done Jock; you’ve really come out into …

Comment posted Cameron scores own goal in independence move by W.S..

Well done Jock; you’ve really come out into the open and betrayed what really motivates you which is rapid anti-English feelings.

I feel that is sad and, hopefully not representative of the vast majority of my fellow countrymen as we approach the most important vote in our history.

To rational and intelligent Scots the question of leaving the Union is most certainly not about hating the English. It is about the future and what is best for our children and grandchildren.

You approach the issue as though it were a football match. Luckily most here are not like you.

As I have said on here before I am a Scottish Patriot.

A patriot loves his country.

A nationalist hates other countries.

Simple as that Jock.

W.S. also commented

  • Whisht John
    Away and practice your mandolin. Leave the grownups in peace.
  • Folks.

    Best just to leave “Jock” alone.

    He doesn’t get it when he’s being wound up….too easy; its not sport anymore.

    But, more importantly, the more he rants the more damage he does to the Independence cause.

    Chin chin Jock, old bean.

  • Jock, old chap, I’m sorry but having read your afternoon’s postings I will no longer engage with you on this subject. I have a preference for rational and mature discourse.
    Toodle pip.
  • You certainly have a bent for violent analagies Jock !
    “I bet when you were at school and the bully demanded money on the threat of a hiding you paid up sheepishly and ran away with your tail between your legs.
    I stood my ground and gave as good as I got. I didn’t always win but there were a few bullies who were sufficiently impressed to give up bullying on the spot. That was the way I was brought up.
    When, or if, the going gets tough, you will be glad there are people like me to stand up for you. I just hope and pray I don’t get you in the next foxhole.”
    For your information I was never bullied at school. I often sorted out those who bullied others. And if in your fantasy “the going gets tough” I won’t need your sort looking out for me thank you very much. Seventeen years in Her Majesty’s Forces still stands me in good stead.
  • Then, Ken, explain the mindset of the likes of Jock.
    There is a hardcore of people in our community for whom the question of Independence is not one of our future but simply and solely one of “stuffing” the English.
    That they have freedom to rant xenophobic tripe, let alone vote, is worrying.

    This debate is not about England or the English or past history.

    It is only about Scotland, Scots and our future.

Recent comments by W.S.

  • Scotland’s Future: from the Referendum to Independence and a Written Constitution
    If the current polls are to be believed then all we need is for everyone who already knows they will be voting NO to persuade one other person over the next 18 months and there will be a totally overwhelmimg majority for remaining British.

    I wonder when the NO vote comes if the cybernats will move to Iceland or Norway ?

    Or another North European country all of which are so different from us culturally, historically, financialy and with totally different mindsets to us Scots ?

  • Scotland’s Future: from the Referendum to Independence and a Written Constitution
    You’ll find that its the poster not the post getting the thumbs down.

    Check everything that you and your aliases post; immediate multiple thumbs downs. People here are fed up with trolls like you.

  • Scotland’s Future: from the Referendum to Independence and a Written Constitution
    Okay, I followed your suggestion and very quickly spotted that Webcraft goes by the name of NickB***** and operates ScotsRenewables.

    Your BicNee username then connects logically.

    Since you suggested it a further google search brings up all your other usernames clearly connected to you eg Crimson Vicar comes up as the moderator of a small community website run by Webcraft.

    Sure Newsroom knows who you are. I guess everyone does now thanks to your suggestion to google Webcraft.

    However the point is that you have clearly breached Terms and Conditions by posting here using multiple different usernames.

    Why do you do this?

  • Scotland’s Future: from the Referendum to Independence and a Written Constitution
    >>> “so I think I’ll stick to the grown ups web sites where serious debate on serious issues in conducted.” <<<

    Almost exactly the words ScotsRenewables used when he pretended to flounce off after a couple of long rants about perceived anti-Independence/SNP bias on here.

    FofS then (re)appeared on here a week or so later and carried on in exactly the same way as SR.

    ….and of course its easy to prove the connection further between SR, Webcraft, NickB, BicNee, and Crimson Vicar by just doing a google search for one of the first two.

  • Scotland’s Future: from the Referendum to Independence and a Written Constitution
    Troll says >>>”WS: Get a life. I don’t think I have never even met Webcraft – though from his previous posts I know who he is.” <<<

    You've never met yourself !!!

    You've been outed by others, not just me, as posting on here using multiple user names just as you used to on the Oban Times forum.

    What do we have? a right trollicking collection:
    Feltcher of Soltoun
    Scots Renewables
    Crimson Vicar
    …..and others.

    The giveaway is the shared obsessions and shared insulting posting style of all above. Shared; I mean exactly the same.

    Many of us have sussed you. Newsroom probably tolerates you for the amusement factor, but not for much longer I reckon if you keep insulting her under whatever username you happen to be trolling with..

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