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Andrew: I can’t imagine anything worse than …

Comment posted A83 landslide closure updates by Robert Wakeham.

Andrew: I can’t imagine anything worse than having to travel that detour regularly; I’m sure that there are others commuting from Lochgoilhead – and that you’d be best to seek them out for advice. Ignore Jake – he’s wrong, anyway – it’s not 3-legged haggis at all, it’s the ancient Scottish ancestors of the ‘Side Hill Walkers’ that inhabited the French Canadian wilderness: animals with their legs longer on one side or the other to cope with mountainsides. They prefer conical hills as they can’t turn around, and tend to panic on the steep slopes above the Rest when they can’t find their way home. They died out years ago in Canada because cross breeding was a disaster, but have hung on in Argyll.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • Such an optimist – we live in Argyll; it rains.
  • Traffic camera reality check at 10pm: Snow covered A82 at Tyndrum, distinctly less snowy A83 at The Rest.
  • So It’s Tuesday (decision day?), the Rest is closed again tonight, and it looks like a blizzard at Tyndrum, and even more of a blizzard at Dalmally.
  • Derek: it’s nothing to do with the council, it’s the government – it’s a trunk road.
  • Call me cynical but I doubt anything will be done until – heaven forfend – the politicians and senior civil servants in Edinburgh find they can’t get home one night (or however many nights it takes) because of what’s termed ‘civil disobedience’. They’d just have to take a diversion – the longer the better, and preferably complete with snow and ice.

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