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Comment posted A83 landslide closure updates by Avril (not thought of a nickname yet) Lockhart.

Yes it is you Bob! Is it Transerv we need to contact about the electronic signs being wrong then? I was for calling the police but decided not to bother them. The signs should be correct. We need to prevent too many unnecessary journeys on that horrendous detour. Re another comment earlier, we have been very lucky that no-one has been killed or seriously injured at the Rest during a landslide or on the detour roads. But I think our luck is due to run out. Maybe something will be done about it then.

Avril (not thought of a nickname yet) Lockhart also commented

  • Thanks very much for that. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to signage but I think this is one to be taken seriously.
  • I didn’t realise that my comments would be published for all to see till a friend told me this morning?! Anyhow, it all makes good reading. Especially Bob! We made it down the road on Saturday morning having ignored the electronic sign in Lochgilphead which told us that the road was closed.Also a friend had told us that BBC traffic news were saying the road was still closed. We had doubts once we got to Inveraray as the diversion signs were out, but after checking with a local garage we decided to go on. The road was open but once we got to Tarbet I checked the electronic sign and it was still saying that the road was closed. I’m glad we had ignored the signs but what about the folk that didnt and had to do a long and unnecessary detour? It’s okay for locals but what about visitors and tourists who are not sure of the roads. We need accurate information and perhaps one place where we can get a proper update. Surely it wouldnt take much to keep the electronic signs up to date? We also need urgent action on a decent alternative road. Get on with it Bob!

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