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Robert – are you sure that the warning …

Comment posted A83 landslide closure updates by keith stanger.

Robert – are you sure that the warning lights are triggered by the detection systems? It is my understanding that they are activated by TrafficScotland/Transerv/whoever when alerts are received from sensors or when the weather forecast means a landslide is more likely.

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  • Have you asked for a sign in Gaelic that only 7% of the Argyll population can read? I bet they’d be round next week putting one up. Of course that 7% would know where Tarbert was anyway. Even Tullochgorm has a sign that says “Welcome”. Tullochgorm? It’s half a dozen houses off the A83 just west of Minard.
  • Teams of Council workers walking along the hillsides? Get a grip Jim, such things don’t exist any more. Remember single status? Those guys were stripped of overtime, pay & even their jobs. Why do you think your Council tax hasn’t increased for 2 years?
  • In the interests of accuracy I’d have to disagree with the position after following Michael Reid’s link. The site can be identified by using the following link & is nearer to the last landslip site & the Rest. A culvert passes under the road at this point & the gully above looks like a natural focus for the fallen material. It’s certainly to the East though!
    All the points made about east/west of the Rest are important though if you were travelling from Glasgow to Lochgoilhead. You would expect Transerv to get it right – wouldn’t you?

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