Quite disgusting and nothing to do with the …

Comment posted First Minister’s Christmas card: is Bella Caledonia quite the thing? by kintyre1.

Quite disgusting and nothing to do with the message of Christmas

Recent comments by kintyre1

  • Situation analysis 1: Scotland now – the SNP predicament
    I’d like to see a Unionist Unity candidate put forward in all constituencies where the SNP hold the seat . Given the tremendous co operation between parties at a grass root level during the referendum it should be possible to reach agreement .
  • SNP gain a councillor at Argyll and Bute
    I agree wholeheartedly , Councillors who were elected under party tickets and then left their party groups to join Argyll First should do the same .
  • SNP lose another Argyll & Bute councillor
    I apologise if you misunderstood me to call you a liar .
    It’s the SNP lies I can’t stand . Can you confirm Isabel that you did indeed stand as a SNP candidate in Glasgow ?
  • SNP lose another Argyll & Bute councillor
    Lies ,lies , lies . Isabel Melville you’ve been a member of the SNP for years . You stood as a SNP council candidate in Glasgow . Can’t you accept you were well and truly beaten in a record turnout ?
  • SNP lose another Argyll & Bute councillor
    I was disgusted to see SNP Councillor John Semple backing a boycott of companies the SNP perceive to be against them .
    Clydesdale Bank and Royal Bank among others employ local people in Campbeltown and I think it’s appalling that an SNP elected representative for our area should be trying to put his own constituents out of a job .

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12 Responses to Quite disgusting and nothing to do with the …

  1. Doesn’t everyone have their own view of art, informed by their own experience as well as by what their eyes tell them and by the comments of others?
    Sometimes it tells you more about them than about the art. I’d go along with the artist’s explanation (the description attributed to Alex seems actually to be Alasdair’s) I invite kintyre1 to nominate the perfect picture to adorn this card.

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  2. Sorry but I thought that it was some sort of sick joke when I saw the card. I thought that it was cheap rubbish and has nothing to do with Christmas but there again, the PC brigade and others would prefer that we ignore the real meaning of CHRISTmas.

    Best wishes to all. I hope that you do have a good CHRISTmas and that 2012 is good to you and yours except for the ConDemAll’s who will have a miserable May which is only just over 4 months away now.

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  3. WEbcraft: thanks for the link to the Bella Caledonia blog which in turn led me to Susan Phillipz great sound installations. Not usually a fan of installation art but her work makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

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  4. It’s a greetings card, to raise money for charity, and the FM obviously likes it. Councillor Freeman, all due respect but lots of people have no religious beliefs. That doesn’t make us more or less worthy (or more or less PC, come to that) than anyone else. I find your comment rather strange.

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    • It’s a pagan festival of eating, drinking and present giving to cheer us up in the darkest days of midwinter and celebrate the fact that the days are getting longer.

      I too find your attitude a little perplexing. Why not celebrate it?

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