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I would like to thank everone for their …

Comment posted on Oban’s annual fireworks display peaks too soon by Cllr Roddy Mcuish

I would like to thank everone for their understanding regarding last nights breif but spectacular display. The company have been in touch and cannot apologise enough for the malfunction setting of £6k worth of fireworks in less than a minute.They are keen to come back to Oban as soon as possible to put on a display everyone will remember. What better than a spectacular end to the winter festival. Ihave mentioned this to the company and should have and answer soon .I will try and have this in a more central location allowing everyone to enjoy the display . This of course will be free of charge to all . Thanks to everyone once again for being so understanding we will all do our best to rectify this as soon as possible

Cllr Roddy Mcuish also commented

  • I am pleased to say Pyro 1 will provide a spectacular display across Oban bay for the whole town to see on the final night of the winter festival Sunday November 27th . This of course will be free of charge. All moneys raised on Friday night will go towards next years display. If anyone requires any more deatails they can call me on 01631 567142 anytime . Thanks for all the support, the media interest has been fantastic and can only be good for Oban
  • Thanks Jim happy to be corrected .

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    Dear Obanite

    You say (they are all lining their pockets and are taking back handers )I can assure you i have done neither. Can you please post any evidence or indeed rumour that i have?


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    Dear North Argyll
    I dont have any constituents in Dunbeg. Although Iwas born there many years ago. I represent the other ward and that does not include Dunbeg. What is wrong with a bit of style ,what other public comments can i help you with,that you could not stomach. You can give me a call on 01631 567142 to discuss if you like.
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    I have more relations than the poor Lib Dem got in votes . I must say he is a very nice man Congratulations Louise,also to all the candidates for a good fair By- Election. Thats the way it should be
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    Sorry about the spelling mistakes Trying to watch the foot ball and type.
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    Linnhe . Ihave been on this band wagon for quite a while . Unfortunately the local paper the O. B. Times did not print the story. The only opportunity i had to comment in public was when it appearred on For Argyll . I also pride my self in knowing what is going on in my community if i dont belive you me they soon tell me. It is a pity you could not support the firefighters named instead of seeing this as an opportunity to have a go at councillors

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