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Congratulations to Ms Glen-Lee , I hope she …

Comment posted Louise Glen-Lee wins Oban North and Lorn by election by kintyre1.

Congratulations to Ms Glen-Lee , I hope she enjoys her 5 months as a councillor .

kintyre1 also commented

  • David McEwan Hill’s call for a “strong group” is the same argument used by the Nazis to promote themselves as Germany’s saviours .
    I was led to believe by the SNP and others that the introducion of proportional representation and multi member wards was to remove majority control of our councils and such a move would be to all our benefits .
    In my view the last thing Argyll & Bute needs is a sycophantic majority controling group running roughshod over the wishes of the majority of the electorate . Consider the treatment of Councillor Robb for daring to raise his voice to see what such a group would do for democratic debate and good decision making .

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