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I believe Michael Russell MSP is appearing on …

Comment posted Castle Toward campaigner challenges Russell to defend Scottish Government decision by kintyre1.

I believe Michael Russell MSP is appearing on the QT programme .

kintyre1 also commented

  • Thankfully we are free to express our dissatisfaction with our SNP masters whether others like it or not .
    Mr Russell himself never misses an opportunity to attack “Westminster” politicans blaming them for just about everything .
    My complaint regarding our MSP is that it is reasonable to expect a constituency MSP , one who sought election under the label ‘Local Champion’ and who now sits in the Scottish cabinet , to ensure his constituency gets a fair crack of the whip . On this score to date Mr Russell has failed miserably .
  • If Mr Russell were to do something which “favours Argyll” I would be the first to give him credit .
  • The electorate of Argyll & Bute may have thought having an MSP from the ruling party would bring benefits to the constituency , alas the opposite appears to be the case with Michael Russell too keen to follow the party line and protect his £97,000 salary at the expense of local interests .

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