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How about Chris Fergusson mentioned at the top …

Comment posted Castle Toward campaigner challenges Russell to defend Scottish Government decision by Simon.

How about Chris Fergusson mentioned at the top of the article. Could he clarify matters for us all? Or as “doc” suggested could Newsie?

Simon also commented

  • Integrity – I’m talking about the situation under Strathclyde – but I recognise it does go back beyond that.
  • Integrity – You are correct but I think that the Garelochhead centre belonged to Dunbartonshire. Toward, Ardentinny and Achnamara centres were Glasgow/Renfrew and Arrochar was Dunbartonshire as well. Fife also had a centre at Lochgoilhead and may still have a centre at Benmore(?).
  • Jane the real difficulty with Achnamara and Castel Toward etc is that the majority of them were not designed to be used as outdoor centres. Rather they were converted rambling country houses that had been ‘adapted’. When big Council subsidised them (Argyll and Bute to the best of my knowledge never had an outdoor cenre) they worked a) because fo the subsidy and b) because kids will put up with less than salubrious conditiions.
    When the subsidy is removed it is extremely difficult for these centres to continue to function economically. Should a private buyer take over they will find they need to spend magbucks to ‘reconvert’ the building.
    I’ve been in Achnamara a few times – lovely centre in a lovely setting. Achnamara and other places like it are the result of cuts in public expenditure; regarded sadly as expendable.
  • “doc” Having had a look at the website (seems last entry was in 2010) it pains me to say so, but AGAIN, we are in agreement (well partial agreement at least…)
    There is a lack of clarity about the various bodies mentioned and I can’t be the one who remains unclear about the relationship between Actual reality and the Castle Toward Trust.

    I don’t know (but thought it was) if Actual Reality is a private company – or as you suggest a community business. (the key question here is ‘what does Actual Reality do with it’s profits?)

    What is the relationship between the Trust, Actual Reality and the South Cowal Community?

  • Thanks “doc”.

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