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Fascinating article. Thanks. …

Comment posted on Inch Kenneth: Mitfords and mysteries by Grant MacDonald

Fascinating article. Thanks.

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  • Salmond now being rude about the businesses on which Scotland depends
    Thanks for the voice of sanity. I don’t know how these NO campaigners who commented on my post can look at themselves in the mirror. Perhaps too busy giving each other up ticks…

    My wife drew the analogy due to her first marriage to someone who worshipped his Mitsibushi Colt sports car, his external appearance and was happy to let her claim grants from the council to furnish the flat while she also had to ensure clothing comprised her daughters birthday and christmas presents. Obviously, free school meals were a humiliating essential while she had to show him every receipt.
    She also worked two jobs.
    Thankfully, I’ve a step daughter who’s brilliant but is now ensuring her own children do not know who their real grandfather is, something I feel rather sad.

    It appears the NO campaigners here want abuse to leave external scars whereas my wife feels somewhat differently and spotted the disgusting simile between the NO campaign and her own historical situation.

    Or perhaps, they simply thought I was playing politics and consider it a game.

    Regardless, I hope they pause for a second before voting on the 18th to consider their behaviour, their comments, and the corrupt system they are backing.

  • Salmond now being rude about the businesses on which Scotland depends
    Judging by the panicky comments, it seems even the No bodies appreciate how ridiculous the situation is.
    While Cameron. Milliband, & Clegg visited to ‘Love Bomb’ our country, the BBC’s Robert Peston noted that Number 10 staff were ‘corralling the bankers’ to issue simultaneous scare stories.

    And on Thursday, he reports, Cameron hosted senior staff from supermarkets etc to again issue simultaneous scare stories.

    And again, Robert Peston notes, Number 10 worked on Friday to get the phone companies together to frighten the Scots.

    To me, this is the tattooed thug from that poster and rather indefensible. It seems Peston feels the same way.

    Then again, the NO campaigners are supporting this as, it seems, they are supporting a Westminster where the level of expenses claims now exceeds that of before they were exposed. This story cannot be true as I read it in the Telegraph and Daily Mail…

  • Salmond now being rude about the businesses on which Scotland depends
    Those folk considering a NO vote must be proud of their campaign. My wife likened it to that old Domestic Abuse poster with ‘Love and Hate’ tattooed on a thugs knuckles with the question, “Which will it be tonight?”

    The similarity with the NO campaign is painfully obvious as it migrates from Project Fear to Project Terror.

  • Indy: NetNames raises issue of domain names
    A non story of the first order. From forargyll.COM who choose not to use …
  • Asset management company advice to Scottish savers, investors and pension pot-holders
    Apparently there is a collection of Better Together and other anti-independence organisations meeting privately in Carlisle this Saturday.

    They are calling it a Gathering of the No Bodies.

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