Fascinating article. Thanks. …

Comment posted on Inch Kenneth: Mitfords and mysteries by Grant MacDonald

Fascinating article. Thanks.

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  • Michael Russell looks like the first SNP MSP to put a personal Plan B into action
    Just a brief note to thank FA for this.
    At the bottom of my driveway is my letter box. Halfway up is the wheelie bin… Those sods who steal my wheelie bin every week and give it back empty appeared on schedule and I’d remained ignorant of this important missive.
  • Experience autumn and choose your national tree
    Jade. Agree about the Scots Pine. It’s a tree which always looks like it will survive, no matter what our country throws at it.
  • Fudge rules: no change – yet – at Argyll and Bute Council
    I suspect many of the familiar faces are still here but simply cannot be bothered correcting posters with an agenda. I tend not to post often as “the usual suspects” suck the pleasure out of debate.

    If I were to write, we do NOT need a vehicle ferry, just a passenger ferry capable of achieving the crossing reliably, someone is bound to crawl out from under a rock. Or press the dislike thing repeatedly.

  • SNP Group Leader not even sure which day it is
    Perhaps I can be fairly judged as blowing this beyond proportions but when FA opt to ridicule a political party based on an email content which they have been forwarded, it’s brilliant.

    We’re living in an age where people are being detained at airports by a UK Govt using dodgy legislation, we’ve a whistleblower taking refuge in what we used to call a Tinpot Dictators embassy, and some bloke hiding in the despised Soviet Union to keep himself away from the clutches of the land of the free.

    Oh, and we’d someone in Argyll setting up Spy Accounts to check on public complaints about council activities. I hear the council paid her enough for her never to need work again…

    While the article is obviously tongue in cheek, everyone should defend FA’s ability to write it.
    Who knows, the current anti-porn legislation could perhaps define The SNP as a body which should be banned from the internet as it’s attracting people.

  • Scottish Government forced to intervene on loose-mouthed Russell gaffe in Campbeltown
    Never suspected I’d write this but, in fairness to Mr Russell, even 20 minutes on a boat is better than 2 minutes on a bus. A bus is simply transport whereas a boat is always an adventure.

    Of course, my caveat comes from the unpleasant passenger boats on the Dunoon run. When adventure feels like life threatening danger, it’s not worth it. (And I’m a boat person and know these stupid boats are able to handle the crossing. Ideally, without paying customers.)

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10 Responses to Fascinating article. Thanks. …

  1. I wonder whether it is true that Unity used a diamond ring to scratch swastika’s in the window corners of the house on Inch Kenneth and that Jessica went round and obliterated them by putting a hammer and sickle over them.

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  2. Newsroom – Interesting article on the island but may I just correct you on the bi-polar aspect, it isn’t a disease.
    You may have more information on her background but not sure how you came to the conclusion that she had a bi-polar disorder.
    If she did have manic-depressive episodes then of course some sympathy and understanding should be offered. If she didn’t, it’s a pity her suicide attempt was unsuccessful.

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    • For Robert Mac from Lynda:
      That was medical thoughtlessness on my part. Of course bi-polar condition is not a disease.

      I have no privileged information on Unity’s condition but her consistent tendency to fairly extreme levels of serial commitment to people and ideas and the energetic attack with which she carried them through has the pathology of being bi-polar.

      And if the key official stories about her are both true (although neither is beyond question), trying to kill herself in despair that Germany and Britain were to go to war against each other and having a breakdown that necessitated recovery in a home – these exemplify the other side of this condition.

      Who knows? But there is a pathology there that’s potentially interesting for those qualified to pursue it.

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      • Lynda – I agree fully, from an historical perspective it is a very interesting story, but I think it is possibly making quite a big jump from someone who may simply of been totally infatuated by someone and their beliefs, to identifying them as being bi-polar.
        Most people who are totally besotted by someone can go to extremes and indeed may stalk them but that would be more indicative of an Obsessional Compulsive Disorder (OCD) as opposed to bi-polar.
        When an individual has either of these conditions, they are usually clinically evident and the symptoms tend to be very obvious.
        As the regime at the time ‘cleansed’ people with mental illness would Hitler entertain someone with such a condition.
        From the story above, I personally do not see any indications that she had either of these conditions therefore I am left with the opinion that she supported fascism and was a nazi.

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  3. A very interesting article. Was the family home of the second Lord Redesdale in Yorskshire (sic)? I always believed that it came from Redesdale in Northumberland, with a further connection to Mitford in the same county.

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  4. The current Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, the fifth and youngest of the Mitford sisters, still happily alive, testifies in her wonderful memoir ‘Wait For Me’ that she and her mother (Muv)did indeed take the train to Basle to collect her very ill sister Unity on 31st December 1939 some 3 months after her attempted suicide and returned by hospital train to England; news had come from a friend in Hungary of her whereabouts after being invalided from Munich at Hitler’s expense. She was taken first to a family property Old Mill Cottage near High Wycombe and from there to Mill Cottage in Swinbroke, Oxon. She may have had an affair with an RAF officer in 1941 but she appears to have been quite ill and certainly suffering from severe bouts of depression. After their parents’ separation in 1943 their father eventually went from his home on Inch Kenneth (Mull) to Redesdale c 1950, near the family seat in the village of Mitford in Northumberland, not Yorkshire. Interesting family!

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