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Genuine or not, they are saying things that …

Comment posted on Fracking facts: pros, cons and issues by Stephen Mackenzie

Genuine or not, they are saying things that simply aren’t true.

Stephen Mackenzie also commented

  • Don’t worry Robert, they only account for 25% of emissions! Hardly worth worrying about really.
  • Yes, it all seems to have gone a bit slashdot. There are those who seem to think they can win a debate by gaming the system. Even with a voting system–which I’m enjoying, by the way–there’s a need for active moderation.

    However as Phil Plait (and others) often say, “You’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts!”

    I believe my own disappeared comment was merely asking if the fracking process was energy-positive, because if it isn’t, it’s pointless whatever the environmental impact!

  • Trace gases can and do drive climate. Methane is a concern not because there’s a lot of it, but because it’s very efficient at absorbing infra-red radiation. Carbon dixoide is a concern because it persists for a long time in the atmosphere.

    There is a great deal of well written explanations of climate change out there in the interwebs. I suggest you read some, and leave your prejudices at the door.

  • Ignorant aliens, that don’t know what they’re talking about.
  • This is untrue. Ah, er, the CO2 doing nothing argument, that is. I see this discussion has been thouroughly hijacked by idiots! Newsroom!

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