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Techroom: ‘Al Lee for Congress’ has a …

Comment posted Fracking facts: pros, cons and issues by Robert Wakeham.

Techroom: ‘Al Lee for Congress’ has a website – and, keeping an open mind, I assume the thread is genuine.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • Perhaps it’s time to re-introduce direct rule over our American colonies for the sake of the future of the world
  • W Hutchison: It may be just another typo, but do you really mean ‘stand in the road’? – the trouble is that on the A83 there are stretches without even a verge, offering no refuge to walkers and cyclists. Anyone ‘standing in the road’ is facing a bigger threat than fracking-related global warming or earth tremors, and might even be suicidal – the government and local authority are clearly failing to provide for what they claim to promote.
  • Politicalpony: which country do you inhabit?
  • Al Lee for Congress: ‘proven to be a criminal hoax’ – tell us more.
  • Cycling to work in Oslo is probably a lot safer than cycling along the A83, and despite the core path strategy it would seem that at least one Argyll & Bute councillor thinks that walking and cycling are unnatural activities.

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