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All carbon fuels accelerate climate change! And methane …

Comment posted on Fracking facts: pros, cons and issues by Stephen Mackenzie

All carbon fuels accelerate climate change! And methane is serious stuff.

The other question is, does more energy come out of this process than goes in? Or is it like the Canadian tar sands?

Stephen Mackenzie also commented

  • Don’t worry Robert, they only account for 25% of emissions! Hardly worth worrying about really.
  • Yes, it all seems to have gone a bit slashdot. There are those who seem to think they can win a debate by gaming the system. Even with a voting system–which I’m enjoying, by the way–there’s a need for active moderation.

    However as Phil Plait (and others) often say, “You’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts!”

    I believe my own disappeared comment was merely asking if the fracking process was energy-positive, because if it isn’t, it’s pointless whatever the environmental impact!

  • Trace gases can and do drive climate. Methane is a concern not because there’s a lot of it, but because it’s very efficient at absorbing infra-red radiation. Carbon dixoide is a concern because it persists for a long time in the atmosphere.

    There is a great deal of well written explanations of climate change out there in the interwebs. I suggest you read some, and leave your prejudices at the door.

  • Genuine or not, they are saying things that simply aren’t true.
  • Ignorant aliens, that don’t know what they’re talking about.

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