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Why is Western Ferries’ or other ferry company …

Comment posted McGrigor runs out of patience on Dunoon ferry as Kay looks for world’s most expensive ferry by Bob.

Why is Western Ferries’ or other ferry company not showing us what they can do out of Campbeltown?

Bob also commented

  • Matt

    A complex one, when Islay and Argyll gets our RET it will cost us £40 return from Islay and if any ferry company can provide ferries from Islay around about the same £40 rate then bring them on?

    Surly Western Ferries or other ferry company could have compete with CalMac’s £70 car return from Islay and still made a profit all these years, thought its the freight Western Ferries are after?

    As for Islay and Arran getting two CalMac boats maybe CalMac listened to Islanders needs, though believe RET up north in the Western Isles CalMac’s boats are creaking under the demand which will also test Argyll when our time for RET comes and is probably why the SNP sold Argyll out by extending RET for the Western Isles knowing Argyll’s CalMac fleet and piers have been neglected for years by CON/LAB/LIB and want Argyll to get by without a fuss while primary schools close, Fuel hits £1.40+ at the pumps, we can’ affort a house as the demand for holiday houses is so high, come on Jim Mather, Gordon Ross, Lord Robertson, where are you (living it up on the mainland like Matt?)… is this new site not somewhere to sell us the dream, Argyll is at a crossroads, its use it or loose it?

    Hey… if there is any ferry company out there who can sell us a cheap ticket to and from Islay to benefit Islanders… then sell us the dream as I see a new plane service to Islay and Oban. Some people/companies talk the talk, others… well they show us what they can do?

    As for the Ileach ‘community newspaper of the year 2006’ is reporting in its latest edition its up for nomination for community newspaper of the year again this year passed… though Matt who gets one in the ‘Royal Mail’ post as he can’t pick one up on Islay notices above via the Ileach reporting that Islay’s community is in two camps one pro-Western Ferries and one pro-CalMac.

    Aye, us and them, the A team and the B team, community split and at war… though even Islay’s Community Council felt the need to write into the Ileach to warn the community not to take everything we read in the Ileach as factual information… there’s an old saying Matt ‘don’t believe everything you read in the papers’ though thanks to new competition like this site more voices can be heard – ‘forargyll’ the Western Ferries of the media world??

  • Dear Matt

    I will pass for now in reading Mr Kay’s report, I will take your word his work it’s a bit long winded… for now.

    Yes I live on Islay where Western Ferries have come and gone. I think that’s why on Islay Western Ferries name leaves a bad taste. I believe MD Gordon Ross of Western Ferries has called for private involvement in CalMac, maybe he knows the game is up with RET and WHY do you think Mr Ross or Lord Robertson (are not) commenting via this service you can’t shut them or Prof Alf Baird up via the Ileach newspaper as their partisan paper where as this site they have no where to hide in open forum… if their there to serve us lets hear it, don’t tell us Matt they don’t use this ‘new free service’?

    I am intrigued Matt as to why you have turned away from your papers listed above and what island you are from that CalMac serves so poorly?

    AND is there anyone stopping a private ferry company running ferries in competition with CalMac and if not then where have all the private ferry companies been all these years?

    Islay, ‘Port Askaig’ is A&B Council owned I am sure anyone can use it our penniless Council just spent millions on it CalMac only use it twice a day?

  • I stopped reading Matt’s comment at “excuse me if I fall asleep” in his response to Mr Kay… shame I found Matt’s first comment informative but will not read on.

    Where’s Argyll’s RET we have been patiant – enough?

  • Western Ferries’ has subsidised Lord Robertson onboard and believe Professor Alf Baird of Napier University is Mr Kay’s competition.

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