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I would have expected to see Corran Ferry …

Comment posted McGrigor runs out of patience on Dunoon ferry as Kay looks for world’s most expensive ferry by MB.

I would have expected to see Corran Ferry in the list because it is such a short crossing?

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  • ForArgyll on Pause
    It seems very likely, a friend of mine moved out of Scotland within the last couple of years because of the SNP and possibility of independence. Many more would probably do so also but cannot afford it so quite likely it is also putting people off coming here to live and work.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    That report on pay levels of news reporters sounded very dubious from the few details I saw. I was not convinced they were comparing like with like.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    I don’t have a lot of faith in Sturgeon’s claims of a Scottish independence ‘listening exercise’. I suspect that it is going to be very selective ‘listening’ to just the party faithful.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    I am remember complaining years ago about the number of cars that I saw off the road with nothing to indicate whether they had been there for days or recently happened and someone possibly inside (of course with the Police Service of Scotland both could be the case).

    Elsewhere it was normal to see a ‘POLICE AWARE’ sticker on the car. At least now it is more common to see some police incident tape or a cone but after the Police Service of Scotland blunder I might have expected them to have a policy of clearly marking accidents that had been dealt with.

  • Here’s how the ‘BT Broadband Security’ scam works – a victim’s narrative
    Yes that is the usual advice.

    You can use Recall on the phone to get dial tone back but few people are familiar with that.

    BT are said have shortened the time-out period but I don’t think other companies have.

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