Paul McCartney interest in Mull of Kintyre estate?

The latest buzz is that Sir Paul McCartney, who wrote the song Mull of Kintyre which his post-Beatles band Wing recorded with the Campbeltown Pipe band and which is known across the world – may be interested in the Carskiey Estate owning much of the Mull.

McCartney owns High Park Farm in Kintyre, just  north of the Mull of Kintyre and has quelty bought up neighburing farms as they hae come on the market over the years. His first wife Linda is celebrated in Campbeltown in a memorial statue commissioned by Sir Paul and recalling happy hippy days with their family and friends in the hills beyond this grand Argyll town.

For McCartney, the attraction here would be owning the Mull he has celebrated in song.

But will he do it? Who knows?

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7 Responses to Paul McCartney interest in Mull of Kintyre estate?

  1. This would be very bad news for the considerable number of employees on the Carskiey Estate , if it were true .
    Sir Paul runs his present large landholding with only two employees .

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  2. For Kintyre 1: We have to remember canny estate agents – saying that Sir Paul McCartney is ‘aware of the sale of the Carskiey estate’ may mean no more than that they have told him so in order to inflate interest.

    What sort of acreage is in his current overall ‘smallholding’?

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  3. I couldn’t agree more , this has been a masterful display of how to market a property .
    Sir Paul owns approximately 1000 acres in Kintyre I believe .

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  4. Sir Paul’s not much of a hippy now with ¬£800,000,000+ in the bank, there is only so much money out there, the gap between those who have it, and those who don’t grows by the day, and the ConDems are taking more from those who don’t have it so those who do can keep it.

    With 1,000+ people on the waiting list for crofts, which would bring jobs and revenue and the thousands more on housing waiting lists, Sir Paul and ‘privileged minority’ do more harm than good – bring back the hippy days when, life was about community, sharing and caring.

    Now it’s about bankers, celelebrities, politicians and their holiday houses and estates i.e. UK plc’s missing billions.

    Why don’t the ConDems just send out a tax demand to everyone with over a million in the bank for 50% of their wealth, rather than blaming the weak after all it was people like PM David Cameron and his holiday house on Jura who bankrupt the country?

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  5. High Park was my Stewart family home from the early 1600′s until the end of the 1800′s. Carskey Farm was also the home of my great grandmother Catherine Kelly, who married Alexander Stewart of Park Farm!!
    Needless to say, if the farms are going to remain productive and unaltered, good luck to Paul and to those fortunate enough to sell the land for the right price!
    Yours aye!

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  6. dear sir could i ask what is happening to the kintyre estate of sir pauls after walking past this other day i seen a tractor injecting seeds into the ground i can only think this was for silage for his pet sheep as we all know he does not believe in animals for slaughter
    jungle drums tell me that he has sent a hence man from england to try ad make the estate pay for itself maybe if he would create more jobs on the estate for local people and upgrade his property on the estate it would be a better kintyre its such a lovely place maybe sir paul does not know whats going on as hes such a busy person or maybe he just does not care i for one would like to sit face to face with him to get answers but that i dont think will happen i await ur answer

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    • We have no idea what’s happening at High Park but, with Paul McCartney now mature, it’s credible that he would be turning his mind to making the once-hippie hang out into an efficient farm that can be self sustaining.
      He has certainly substantially built up his land holding around High Park over the years.
      Its influence on his growing children was testified to by his daughter, Stella, the fashion designed, when she married. Her first choice of wedding place was the beach at Saddell, which proved impracticable.

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