Third Jolomo Scottish Landscape Painting Awards launches for 2011

The internationally celebrated colourist, Argyll’s  John Lowrie Morrison – JoLoMo, started the Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards for Scottish Landscape Painting Awards in 2006. A successful artist himself. he established them to encourage other artists by recognising their work, aiming to see Scottish landscape painting grow in strength.

2011 will be the third series of these biennial awards, with previous awards made in 2007 and 2009.

Jolomo funds the awards himself, made through the charitable Jolomo Foundation. These are the largest privately funded Arts Awards in the UK.

For the 2011 competition, Jolomo has increased the value of the first prize to £25,000 with the total distributed through the awards coming to £35,000.

The winners of the 2011 awards will be announced at a Presentation Dinner at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow in June 2011.

So far

Jolomo has been heartened by the quality of the work submitted in the two rounds of the awards already completed. Looking at some of the work, the variety of style and images is compellingly interesting.

There is one of a low island, a sound and  mainland shore that looks like a red hot Concorde flying low over a pale beach striped with groynes.

There’s another echoing long-exposure photographic techniques, showing Edinburgh Castle at night, looking like a rocky skerry  in deep water with breakers crashing at its feet.

And there’s an almost cubist rendering of a cliff-sided, water-rushed inlet with a sound beyond to a far headland – in blocks of yellow, black, blue and green.

Who can enter?

The awards exist to offer support to those who would benefit from help to pursue their painting as a full time career – and they challenge artists to develop their practice.

Applicants must be::

  • currently living and working in Scotland
  • aged 18 and over on 1st January 2011
  • have studied or are studying at a college of art or in an art discipline at a university, further education college or independent art college
  • in the case of someone with no formal qualification – or of someone whose qualification was awarded more than five years ago, the body of work submitted must be proposed and approved by a suitably qualified referee – such as an art lecturer or a gallery owner.

Artists with special needs are welcomed.

No member or employee of the Jolomo Foundation, Jolomo Ltd or relative thereof is eligible for an Award from the Jolomo Foundation.

How to enter

  • Entrants in the previous Jolomo Scottish Landscape Painting Awards (2007 and 2009) may enter – but winners and runners up may not.
  • Download and complete an application form from The Jolomo Foundation website.
  • Submit a body of work in JPEG format and on CD ROM. Submissions in any other format will not be considered. Receipt will be acknowledged but the CD ROMS will not be returned. Transport and packing of entries is the responsibility of the entrants and at the owners’ risk.
  • This work should include one central, titled image which must be a painting; and 5-10 supporting images – which may be paintings, sketches or drawings.
  • Each image must be accompanied by information on title, metric size, medium used, the year the work was made.
  • Submissions must include the applicants full Curriculum Vitae and an Entry Fee of £20 by cheque, bankers’ draft or postal order, made payable to The Jolomo Foundation..
  • Submissions in the above format must not be emailed but sent by post to to The Jolomo Foundation, Millburn, Old Philipstoun, Linlithgow, West Lothian EH49 7RY
  • Closing Date for submission: 21st January 2011.

Awards procedure

  • Shortlisted entrants will be notified by 31st March 2011
  • Before 30th April 2011, each shortlisted applicant will be interviewed by the judging panel, submitting at that time the originals of the works entered. Transport and packing of entries is the responsibility of the entrants and at the owners’ risk.
  • Shortlisted entrants will be advised of supporting work required by the judges; and will be asked to submit a statement on their artistic practice.
  • Entries by shortlisted candidates should be available for inclusion in an exhibition at the time of the announcement of the winers at Kelvingrove on June 2011; and for a further exhibition later in the year.
  • A selection of works by the winners and shortlisted candidates will feature in the next Jolomo Awards.
  • Shortlisted entrants’ portfolios must be collected from The Jolomo Foundation by 31st May 2011.
  • The 2010 Awards will be announced and presented in June 2011. will remain the property of the artist – but it is a condition of entry that the The Foundation reserves the right of reproduction of all exhibited works for publicity, educational  and reference purposes in connection with the Jolomo Awards.
  • The decision of the adjudicators is final and no correspondence will e entered into.
  • The personal information supplied by applicants on registration/application forms will be held securely by the Jolomo Foundation in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998. It will be used only in the process of administering the Awards and will not be transferred to any third party. It will be retained permanently by the Jolomo Foundation for the purposes of historical research.
  • Copyright of all works submitted for the Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards will remain the property of the artist but it is a condition of entry that the Jolomo Foundation reserves the right of reproduction of all exhibited works for publicity, reference and educational purposes in connection with the Jolomo Awards.
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