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Great to see that the interest from people …

Comment posted ARSN submission to Rural Education Commission by neil macintyre.

Great to see that the interest from people on the waiting lists is positive for Bonawe.Hopefully that could swing the case for the school to continue and grow.But I hope the cuts to the bus service and any other negatives can be fought successfully so that the transport or potentially lack of it wouldn,t put anyone against moving out.As sadly one the council,s planning officers great quotes at a appeals meeting in the corran halls was that people who would move into community houses would not be able to afford a car so no need to include them in a traffic survey.That was for Ganavan but if that is the core of their thinking surely the bus service is paramount for Bonawe.
Power to the People.

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  • For Tim.
    I certainly know plenty about Bonawe school and the community , as I have said before I was the Mobile librarian for nearly twenty years.So I visited a good number of our rural schools regularly and have seen kids grow up and bring their own children to that same school.
    Bonawe will never be the same again sadly as parents with kids will want to stay nearer the main schools like lochnell,the journey to Bonawe even stops kids from the lochside going that way instead.It is never nice to see any school close but if the houses which are going up near bonawe have school age kids and the parents don,t back their local school what can you do.Plenty of children are transported out of their catchment area already for all kinds of reasons so unless parents want their school to survive what do you do.We have seen the negative side when the community of connel who not so long ago had a top class school were split for different reasons and the school suffered.Hopefully the talk of it being opened again will come true.I hope I am wrong with Bonawe but I would think the allocation of council houses to young families if they will take them when they become available will dictate the outcome.As for the money side I never mentioned anything about that.I took exception to the nonsense that because I live in the town I don,t care about the rural area.I think if you ask people who actually know me and why I loved my job working all over rural Argyll for twenty years you will get a truer picture.
    Power to the People.
  • For Anne.
    I class myself as an Argyll person and if you seriously think that Bonawe can survive your pal Russell might not be so gracious.What do you think of his latest bit of support for our education system.Please give us the reason the SNP. think this is the best thing for Hillhead.
    As for the silly remark about rural and town I like many others across Argyll have family who live out of town and I have grandchildren who attend a rural school so you can put that sad nonsense in the bin.
  • Not long in from work, need to earn some money to pay the election expenses.My view is still the same as it was, why do you need a commission when it is blatantly obvious to anyone that the proposals put forward by the council and the so called education department were just lies.If the Education secretary had any backbone he would have destroyed them and any other council who came up with any garbage like this of his own back.We all appreciate how important the schools are in rural areas but you don,t need to be a genius to see what ones need to go if you work to proper guidelines.Bonawe is one case but sadly what happened to Achaleven is another ball game alltogether.
    So will the commission tell parents not to move their kids if the teaching is poor or if some parents dislike the headteacher.Surely that is what a top class education department is for and that should be our right and the right of every parent in the country.Local councillors were obviously not on the ball when the situation at Achaleven was left to fester and eventually close the school.So I disagree on the need of a commission when the evidence was so strong against what Sneedon and co. were trying to do, it should of been put to bed there and then by the Education Secratary instead of passing the buck.
    Sorry to keep the old pussy cat waiting but its nice to know someone was missing me.
    Power to the People.

Recent comments by neil macintyre

  • Kieron Green wins Oban North and Lorn by-election to Argyll and Bute Council
    Brilliant news Kieron.
    As the leader of the Labour group in the council I look forward to working with you and I hope it will encourage more young people to come forward to help change the council.
    To have to give up your job for this shows how committed you are.
    Our early morning leaflet delivery must have helped.

    Cheers Neil.

  • The Argyll budget crisis and the failure to abandon game playing
    Right on the money Linda.
    I certainly felt sorry for the parents watching what was just a pantomime last Thursday.
    The cuts to special needs support and classroom assistants will never go ahead and should never have been put in the consultation in the first place.As you rightly say when the hard decisions have to be made we have everyone jumping ship but no surprise there.
    As for councillors expenses which Michael Russell is keen to cut he needs to get his SNP colleagues on the council to agree.
    When Councillor Freeman asked for support to stop increases to responsibility payments only 5 councillors supported him which I was one.
    The SNP councillors sat on there hands and did not vote apart from one who registered a NO vote.
    Councils across Scotland are having to make very hard decisions due to lack of cash and in Argyll we have to concentrate all our efforts to save as many jobs and services that we can and that should be the priority not the sad political games being played by the three tenors.

    Cheers Councillor Neil MacIntyre.

  • How to kill one of the most important businesses for Oban: Arygll and Bute Council strikes again
    Interesting article newsie and its great that it has generated so much interest.
    Mr MacLeod will be coming along to the business day next week to discuss his access, not the new building, which he is not against.
    His problem is with the open space which he thinks Will affect his business.
    Mr MacLeod on the 17th of December in a very friendly correspondence with Roddy on a different matter asked if the council could be persuaded to buy him out, as it would save on car parking and hassle.
    Signing off with “Awra best Alan”.
    Taking a slagging on different issues is part of the job so I am fine with that but I think on this one it would have been nice to be asked for our side of the story, to give it a bit of balance.
    It might not be everyone,s cup of tea but badly needed toilets and showers incorporated in the building will help visitors and locals alike. I like the idea of just pedestrians along the pier side as there is very little room on that side and I am sure it will help the tourist office at the Columba corner.
    I certainly can,t see how this development will stop people from finding and enjoying these fine restaurants and now that we have the Transit Marina plans taking shape and the work on Stafford Street ready to go I hope people will enjoy the changes.

    Cheers Neil.

  • Breslin sticks to the trail on Castle Toward and exposes more council manoeuvres
    Obviously I will be supporting Mary in her campaign for election next year but with Roddy being approached to stand and the financial backing in place if he takes up the offer it would certainly make the election debates a minefield of information.
    I hope he gives it a go he will not win but just imagine the crack.
    Well all the best for the New Year folks it has been an enjoyable few months since I was elected I have certainly found working with everybody has been pretty straightforward on the committee’s I am involved with which is great and the way it should be.
    Linda I promised you an interview to go over my first few months
    in the council and see how things have gone.
    If it’s okay with you it would be better to wait till Castle Toward, Rockfield and Kilbowie are concluded then I can talk openly on them along with the Chord and TIF projects.
    Hope it stays dry for the street party in Oban and again Happy New Year to everyone.

    Cheers Neil.

  • Game changing intervention as Labour candidate resolves Argyll black hole for mobile phone signal
    Brilliant Mary it is great news for Argyll.

    Cheers Neil.

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