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In my dreams Anne?? Well how come Big …

Comment posted ARSN submission to Rural Education Commission by Simon.

In my dreams Anne?? Well how come Big Robert and Isobel were deserted by the snp cannon-fodder when it came to the vote on the Council’s budget??
The budget as Newsie would say is the most impoortant document (you blethered on a bit about its importance yourself Anne) So how come the SNP apart form the Robert and Isobel voted with their arch-nemisis Dick Walsh?
Or didn’t you know?????? 😉

Simon also commented

  • Crazy, actually compared to some of the pontificating mogadon mush I’ve read on here from Newsie, “doc” and others – it was positively enthralling… 🙂
  • Crazy – as promised I read it. I’m not really suprised at anything that has been mentioned in the submissiomn and given that is from a self-interested group it was fairly neutral in tone, fairly well-argued however, it really was going over similar ground that we’ve seen rehearsed on these pages ad nauseum.

    I’m not going to ooffer a point by point analysis or try to score points (though I did found some comments interesting – Councils should not be allowed to make financial savings – I though was simplistic and given the state of the economy pleading to be treated as a special case brings it own dangers – anyway I thought there were no savings to be made??)

    In general I ‘m not sure that the tactic of trying to by-pass the eudcation authority and have the HMIs’ role enhanced will help protect rural schools. I would suggest you should be careful what you wish for. HMIs are better placed than any individual local authority to bring counter-arguments and evidence from across Scotland/UK and purely because they have no investment or involvement or constituency in Argyll and Bute they are pretty much immune to the type of demo that I saw you folks put on at Kilmory.

    I know you want to hear this but I genuienly believe that if ARSN network put more of its efforts into meeting with and working the local authority rathe rthan trying to by-pass it – it would reap rewards.

    The real difficulty is that at a time when every service is under scrutiny, under-resourced and being cut (in real terms) the majority of the population (ie those non ARSN people) I think (and I could be wrong) are much more intersted in social care issues, roads, libraries etc.

    Finally, I’m not convinced that Mike Russell is the great saviour of rural schools that some think he is. Whilst he admitted the legislation was flawed and not working the way they wanted it didn’t stop him using the same legislation when he agreed to shut two schools. I know most of you welcomed him setting up the Commission – but don’t be surprised if he uses the opportunity afforded by the Commission to do to rural schools what he is doing presently to FE colleges.

  • Hi Tim, “the decision to close Hillhead school, which (I agree with you) looks pretty awful” at least we agree on something.

    I have tried ploughing through your submission but got bored.

    However, a promise is a promise so as I said to Crazy – I will try again. 🙂

  • Crazy – Now —- you be nice!

    OK I promise I shall read the submission and share my thoughts.

    As far as the SNP are concenred – these pages were full of articles pre-budget about how inmprotant it was and how unfair Tricky was behaving. Since then? Nothing……

    Not one article on why did the SNP group rebelled against their leader? (Do you know?) Why did First Argyll and Robb also vote for Trick Dicky??

    I’ve said before that FA behaves like little more than a SNP propagana machine – I think this proves it. The SNP group vote with Dick Walsh and its not reported on here???????

    ps What about SNP Mike Russell’s decison on Hillhead?? Disgraceful in my opinion.

  • Doh *important* – but thanks for asking Anne… 😉

    You part of the SNP group split then? 🙂

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