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If I was organising a search for Suzanne …

Comment posted Quite where do police want campers and walkers to look for Suzanne Pilley’s body by Treble T.

If I was organising a search for Suzanne Pilley’s body I would ask dog owners to take their dogs for a walk down every road or track that leads off the Tyndrum to Inverary road as dogs have a very keen sense of smell and are more likely to find a body.

Treble T also commented

  • Thank you for correcting my mistake.
  • According to the court case David Gilroy took an unusual route from Edinburgh to Lochgilphead. He travelled via Tyndrum and Inverary taking two hours to complete the Tyndrum to Inverary section which is a lot longer than normal. The distance between Tyndrum and Inverary is 32 miles which should take about 45 minutes maximum to complete by car.
    I think that David Gilroy dumped Suzanne Pilley’s body between Tyndrum and Inverary before travelling on to Lochgilphead. He then asked for black bin liners to give the impression that he had dumped the body at the Rest and be Thankful. I have also driven several times on the A83 over the Rest and be Thankful. One thing is certain. There are a lot more rough tracks leading off the Tyndrum to Inverary road than there are on the main A83 at Rest and be Thankful. The Rest and be Thankful area is well frequented by hill walkers whereas the few people walk on the tracks off the Tyndrum to Inverary road.
  • David Gilroy collected bin liners prior to leaving Lochgilphead on his return journey to Edinburgh. Lothian & Borders police assumed that the bin liners were for covering the Suzanne Piley’s body prior to disposal somewhere aroung the Rest and be Thankful area.
  • I travel on this stretch of road between Inverary and Tyndrum several times per year. I have often thought that the police should be looking there rather than at the Rest and be Thankful. There are numerous rough tracks leading from the Inverary to Tyndrum stetch of road which could be used by a car at a push.
    I think that the collecting of bin liners from the janitorial staff at Lochgilphead School by David Gilroy was a red herring to divert the police into searching for the body at the Rest and be Thankful.
    In my opinion the road between Inverary and Tyndrum is not a popular areas for dog walkers hence the reason that the body has not been found.

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