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While it would be highly desirable for Suzanne …

Comment posted Quite where do police want campers and walkers to look for Suzanne Pilley’s body by Neil Manchester.

While it would be highly desirable for Suzanne Pilley’s body to be found, not least to help alleviate the inconceivable distress that her family must be suffering, I am quite sure that the police do not want to provide sufficiently accurate enough information to spark off an unofficial public search of a specific area.
While possibly assisting in locating the body, it would more probably result in destruction of vital clues, thus delaying any find further, and may even attract some questionably motivated people.
When the authorities are in a position to pin down a specific area (and they will be working on this) I am sure that they will conduct a methodical search, possibly enlisting public assistance at that point.
In the meantime, encouraging private searches may be with honourable intentions, but could have negative results.

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